Web hosting allows you have your website online. The host gives you the necessary services and technologies to provide your site visibility on the internet. Today, many businesses own, and not all of that can afford to have their server, so that’s why you need a host. But, you must come with your domain name for them to provide hosting services. Some can still help you find a domain name.

Before you decide to work with a web hosting company, check their different hosting plans. You cannot work with just any plan; there must be one that is suited for your business needs. An idea comes with a specific price, server and other services. Here are some of the plans that you will find from different companies.

Website Builders

This service is given to people who are beginners in website construction and online marketing. Thereby, they do not have any technical skills to create a website, and so you are given an interface where you can launch a website easily. This web hosting plan is basic and does not come with numerous technical difficulties.

Shared Hosting

This is where you share a single server with other websites. It is cheap because you share costs of operating the server with other website owners. You share software applications and physical server.

Dedicated hosting

This is the server environment where you are the owner of the whole web server. You enjoy working fast and efficiently as the server resources are dedicated to your website only. The only drawback of this plan is high costs. You have to pay for the expenses of designing plus maintenance. These servers are most suitable for large businesses and not for upcoming companies.

Collocated Hosting

This web hosting, you get a dedicated server, and it’s installed on your premises. You have to cater for all maintenance expenses, but it under your control and you install applications or scripts of your choice if you need to.


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